Library Service Center Baden-Wuerttemberg

Organization Type: Service provider
Country: Germany

Start Date: 2003
Archive interface language: German
Access methods: URL search, Keyword search, Topical collections
Harvesting methods: Selective, Event, Thematic

BSZ (Library Service Center Baden-Wuerttemberg) is an IT service provider for academic and public libraries, archives, and museums. It provides databases, portals, support, hosting, and other services. It is a facility in the business area of the Ministry of Science, Research and Art of Baden-Wuerttemberg, in the legal form of a dependent public agency, headquartered in Constance.

Since 2003, BSZ has been providing SWB content – an application for describing, archiving and transferring Internet publications and websites. Over the years, following the technical progress, we have integrated Heritrix and Wayback in up-to-date versions, and we are now operating various installations for our partners in Germany to support their growing need for web site archiving in science, culture and education. An overview can be found at .

Since 2009, BSZ is a member of nestor, the German competence network for digital long-term preservation.

Web Archive Preservation Activities:

  • The web archives have two long-term storage copies, in two distant locations, and one disk access copy.
  • The web archives run first with HTTrack, now mainly Heritrix; HTTrack directories and WARC files are used for presentation, migration from HTTrack directories to WARC files is planned.