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NATIONAL LIBRARY OF ESTONIAOrganization Type: National Library
Country: Estonia
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Eesti Veebiarhiiv (Estonian Web Archive)

Start Date: 2010
Archive interface language(s): Estonian
Access methods: URL Search, Keyword Search, Topical Browsing
Harvesting methods: Selective, Event, Thematic

Since 2006 the Legal Deposit Law allows The National Library of Estonia to collect Estonian websites as legal deposit copies and make these also available to the public. The owner of the site has the right to restrict access to his/her website on the public archive but the site remains accessible for the researchers in-house.

In November 2013 there was over 1000 records of websites in the subject catalog and two special collections (Estonians Outside Estonia and Elections 2013). The archive is accessible through Wayback and it consists 1,6 TB of data (uncompressed).

The archive is open to the public since November 2013.