Organization Type: National Library
Country: Canada
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Government of Canada Web Archive/Archives du Web du gouvernment du Canada

Start date: 2005
Archive interface languages: English, French
Access methods: URL Search, Keyword search, Alphabetic browsing, Full-text search

The Library and Archives of Canada Act received Royal Assent on April 22, 2004. For the purposes of preservation it allows Library and Archives Canada (LAC) to collect a representative sample of Canadian websites. To meet its new mandate, LAC began to harvest the web domain of the Federal Government of Canada starting in December 2005. As resources permit, this harvesting activity will be undertaken on a semi-annual basis. The website data which is harvested is stored in the Government of Canada Web Archive (GC WA). Client access to the content of the GC WA is provided through searching by keyword, by department name, and by URL. It is also possible to search by specific format type, e.g. .pdf. At the time of its launch in Fall 2007, approximately 100 million digital objects (over 4 terabytes) of archived Federal Government website data was made accessible via the LAC website. The GC WA currently contains over 170 million digital objects and more than 7 terabytes of data.