Royal Danish Library

Organization Type: National Library
Country: Denmark
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Founding member

Start date: 2005
ToolNet Archive Suite (NAS)
Net Archive Suite interface languages: Danish, English, German, Italian, French, Spanish
Access methods: URL Search (Wayback Machine)
Harvesting methods: Bulk, Selective, Event
Harvesting range: Danish content on the internet

The legal foundation for is the Act on Legal Deposit of Published Material of 22 December 2004. In order to collect the Danish internet as completely as possible three different strategies are followed:

  1. Bulk harvesting (snapshots) 4 times / year
  2. Selective harvesting of 80 – 100 sites, which are often updated and of special importance to the society (eg. news sites)Daily crawls of national and regional news sites
    • Weekly crawls of local news sites
    • Monthly crawls of political parties
    • Monthly crawls of organisations and associations
    • Four crawls a year of ministries and government bodies
    • Crawls of selected social media profiles
  3. Event harvesting (eg. national and local elections).

Access to the archive is restricted to research purposes.