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  • IIPC Re-launches Open Source Wayback

    The IIPC has re-launched the development of the Wayback machine as an open source project. Meeting at the Bibliotheque nationale de France in Paris in September, IIPC members have agreed to contribute significant development time to get this project off the ground. Enough contributors have signed up to ensure the project can succeed with or without the involvement of the Internet Archive, who developed Wayback and have shouldered primary responsibility for it ever since.

    Contributing institutions include the National and University Library Iceland, Los Alamos National Laboratories and the National Library of Norway. The Bibliotheque nationale de France, British Library, California Digital Library and Internet Archive have undertaken to be core contributers - overseeing the whole code base as well as contributing their own code - for the initial phase of the project.

    The first target is to make the development infrastructure clearly separated from the Internet Archive’s development infrastructure. Building on this, the intention is to have an initial stable release (2.0.0) of the Open Wayback code by the IIPC General Assembly in May 2014. All the institutions who attended the Paris meeting, and who use Wayback in production, intend to implement this initial Open Wayback release by September 2014.

    Although re-launched under the stewardship of the IIPC, the project is open to the entire web community and is in no way limited to IIPC members.

    For more information visit the Open Wayback Development landing site or apply to join the project mailing list if you are interested in contributing.