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    About the Access Working Group

    The Access Working Group (AWG) focuses on issues relevant to providing access to web archives. The group consists of individuals of IIPC members institutions who work together towards solutions to common problems. The groups also aims to provide a forum in which IIPC members can share their experiences, establish common goals and inform their own development. In addition to technical research and development, the group recognises the legal, ethical and economic aspects of access. Furthermore, end-user, administrative and curatorial access to web archives all form parts of the group's considerations.

    The AWG is chaired by Daniel Gomes, Portuguese Web Archive and Nicholas Taylor, Stanford University. The Group generally meets twice a year, once at the IIPC General Assembly (May) and once during the International Conference on Preservation of Digital Objects (iPRES)(Fall).

    Focus Areas

    • Understanding and defining user requirements for access
    • Resources discovery including full-text and innovative ways of searching web archives
    • Access to multimedia content within archived websites
    • Tools for analysis of structure and content of web archives
    • Identification and documentation of web archive use cases
    • Technology watch


    • Collaborative collection on 2014 Winter Olympics
      Following the success of previous efforts to preserve web content relating to the 2010 and 2012 Olympic Games, members of the IIPC are again working together to archive content relating to the 2014 Winter Olympics. The Games will be held in Sochi, Russia in February 2014 and the Paralympic Games in March 2014. The Internet Archive and the University of North Texas will support the project, by crawling the selected seeds and supporting the use of an online nomination toolIt is hoped that the project will enable institutions to continue to experiment with tools and processes that facilitate collaborative definition, collection and accessibility of web data and to create a data set that can be shared/accessed by all IIPC members.

    Completed projects

    • Collaborative gather and access to 2010 Winter Olympics. Lead: Kris Carpenter, Internet Archive
    • QA Assessment, Workflow optimization for Manual QA of Web collections, Lead: National Library and Archives of the Netherlands 
    • Backwards compatibility for NutchWAX with .10 release. Lead: Aaron Binns, Internet Archive
    • Multi-lingual support in Nutch/NutchWAX for Japanese. Lead: Masayuki Asahara, National Diet Library, Japan
    • Collaborative gather and access to 2012 Summer Olympics. Lead: Helen Hockx Yu, British Library
    • Memento experimentation and service integration (Beta), Lead: Abbie Grotke, Library of Congress
    • Evaluation of alternative full-text search platforms. Lead: Kris Carpenter Negulescu, Internet Archive
    • Research use case of web archives. Lead: Claude Mussou, Ina