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  • National Library of Ireland

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    The National Library of Ireland (NLI) is actively creating an Irish web archive. It is at present the only organisation in the Republic of Ireland with a mandate to collect websites for and on behalf of the Irish state. Since 2011, the NLI has carried out selective and thematic web archiving, aimed at ensuring a permanent record is kept of websites of political, cultural and historical importance to Ireland. We have over 1200 websites in our collection, with a particular strength in political websites. In 2016, we undertook our largest web-archiving programme to date, “Remembering 1916, Recording 2016”, capturing over 455 websites representing commemoration activities in relation to the centenary of the 1916 Rising and the Battle of the Somme. We also engaged in promotional activities using social media, blogs and lectures to raise the profile of the web archive, and we have invited members of the public to participate in our web archive collection building in 2016, with our “Public Call” campaign.

    The National Library of Ireland Web Archive Collections

    • Start date: 2011
    • Archive interface language: English
    • Access methods: URL search, Alphabetic browsing, Keyword search, Advanced search, Subject browsing, Topical collections
    • Harvesting methods: Selective, Event, Thematic