Organization Type: Service Provider
Country: United Kingdom
Contact: http://www.mirrorweb.com/contact

MirrorWeb provide digital preservation solutions and and long-term access to electronic publications to public sector organisations, including national governments, national libraries and archives, museums, universities, local governments and international organisations.

Our digital preservation solutions provide:

  • Conversion of legacy ARC files to ISO standard WARC seamlessly
  • The ability to archive a vast amount of websites and social media accounts
  • A best-in-class portal harnessing powerful cloud technology
  • API endpoint data access for researchers, civil servants and students

Read about our archiving project for the UK Government Web Archive.

MirrorWeb also provide website and social media archiving to help financial services firms exceed their regulatory and compliance requirements for MiFID II, FCA, SEC, FINRA and GDPR, as well as for eDiscovery purposes.

The key features of our archiving services include:

  • A turnkey, AWS cloud-native solution
  • Time-stamped archives that are hashed and stored in ISO28500 standard WARC format
  • The ability to replay website content at any time within the MirrorWeb portal
  • Control of the frequency of archiving
  • A full “Google-like” text search across all archives
  • Page comparison reports against website content
  • Allowing for archives to be made available to eDisovery professionals and third parties