Lori Donovan, Internet Archive 
Maria Ryan
, National Library of Ireland
Renate Hannemann, Bibliotheksservice-Zentrum Baden-Wuerttemberg, BSZ
Garth Stewart, National Records Scotland

Transition in the time of web archiving: building (and rebuilding)
web archiving programs

Representatives from the Internet Archive (IA), National Library of Ireland (NLI), National Records Scotland (NRS) and Bibliotheksservice-Zentrum Baden-Wuerttemberg (BSZ) will discuss strategies and organizational approaches around conceiving, expanding, and transitioning web archiving programs in a variety of different types of organizations.

The panelists will begin by briefly presenting on the contexts for their web archiving programs, highlighting ways that web archiving is integrated into other institutional activities, services, and tools in each organization and unique structural, legal or other mandates each must work within. The panel will then have an open discussion of these points in more detail, digging into lessons learned, themes of program growth and sustainability, and outline how the changing landscape of web archiving tools and services impact programs in these organizations. While the panelists will be prepared for a wide-ranging 60 minute discussion, time will be saved at the end for potential audience questions, feedback and contributions.

Lori Donovan of the Internet Archive will help guide discussion during the panel, speak to the unique opportunities for web archiving in a non-profit digital library context, and focus on IA web archiving services and the various models for working with institutions both large and small to help them structure their web archiving programs to meet organizational goals and requirements.

Maria Ryan of NLI will focus on the development of the NLI’s web archive, from a pilot project in 2011, to launching a domain crawl in 2017. The NLI web archive is now an established collecting programme but it operates within a limiting national legal framework. This presentation will examine how the NLI has continued to expand its web archive in the absence of legal deposit legislation.

Renate Hannemann of BSZ will briefly present the BSZ and its tasks, the activities of BSZ in the field of web archiving since 2006 and the participation in Archive-It since 2016: the path to implementing Archive-It including migration and ingest of historical WARC and HTTrack data, BSZ’s consortium model for about 20 regional archives, and commissional crawling for a German state library.

Garth Stewart of National Records of Scotland will describe the story of how the NRS Web Continuity Service came to be: from a long-held institutional idea, to our current multi-faceted service that delivers web archiving and its associated benefits to our stakeholders. Garth will explain how ‘quality’ is a concept rooted in our service, and also reflect on how the Service is supporting NRS’s transformation into becoming a digital national archive.

Panel: Building (and rebuilding) web archiving programs