IIPC Members

Members are organizations from over 45 countries, including national, university and regional libraries and archives.

Working groups

IIPC members join working groups that engage in short and long-term projects to advance the practice of web archiving.


Our community comes together annually to share experiences and present solutions during the Web Archiving Conference and the General Assembly.


The IIPC collaborates on research and development projects by sharing data and testing tools.


The IIPC funds educational and technical projects based on the goals outlined in an annual Request for Proposals.

Case studies

Persistent linking, text mining, analysis of technology trends are among case studies on use of archiving the web.

Web Archiving Week

A week of web archiving events and activities was held in London on 12-16 June 2017. The centrepiece of the programme was an international conference combining IIPC Web Archiving Conference and the second RESAW Conference.

IIPC GA 2017

IIPC General Assembly took place in Ottawa, 19 September, 2017.
The GA was hosted by Library Archives Canada.