To serve the ever-changing needs of the archiving community and of users, IIPC members and a wider web archiving community are working together to support open source versions of software used to  ‘play back’ archived websites in the user’s browser. Key replay tools used by IIPC members include: OpenWayback (OWB), Python Wayback (pywb) and SolrWayback. While OWB used to be the main playback tool used by IIPC Members, it is gradually being  replaced by pywb, with some web archives using it also alongside OWB and SolrWayback.


pywb developed by, is a Python implementation of web archival replay tools. In 2020, IIPC recommended pywb as a replay solution and worked to support IIPC members’ adoption of pywb. The project’s outcome is an openly available Transition Guide and IIPC members have been sharing their use cases via blog posts and technical webinars. The recommended setup is to use OutbackCDX, an indexing tool developed by Alex Osborne of the National Library of Australia, alongside pywb. Web archives currently using pywb for replay include,, UK Web Archive and the Web Archive at UNT



The SolrWayback software bundle, developed by, is an out of the box solution with index workflow, Solr and Tomcat web server and a free text search interface with playback functionality. SolrWayback relies on real time access to WARC files and a Solr index populated by the UK Web Archive webarchive-discovery tool. It has a built-in playback engine and can be integrated with pywb. Publicly available use cases include the Hungarian Web Archive and the IIPC collaborative collections hosted by Bibliotheca Alexandrina.



IIPC funded the development of OpenWayback which is still being used by some web archives. OpenWayback was subsequently maintained by the wider web archiving community under the leadership of Lauren Ko, University of North Texas, and while it is not currently under development, the following resources are available online: