Recent project reports and documentation are available on the project page.

Resources at the UNT Digital Library

Conference presentations as well as legacy reports (white papers published by or funded by the IIPC that had previously been accessible on the site) are available on the Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine and through the the University of North Texas (UNT) Digital Library. UNT currently hosts two collections: conference presentations and publications. UNT’s hosting of the IIPC collections provides proper metadata records and a stable long-term home for these publications and documents.

The UNT Libraries Digital Collection uses a metadata scheme based on Dublin Core and is currently managing over 2.5 million metadata records for the digital resources in its collections. Each collection in the UNT Digital Library has a number of APIs available, including OAI-PMH for metadata harvesting, while also supporting IIIF Image and Presentation APIs for accessing images of the digital resources.


Selected recordings of presentations, panels and Q&A sessions from the annual IIPC Web Archiving Conference (WAC) and other events are available on the IIPC YouTube channel.

Tools and Software

The list of web archiving tools and software available on the IIPC website is a collaborative effort to maintain an overview of current tools, projects and other resources. A group of 35 contributors from the web archiving community update the list through a GitHub repository.

Training materials

Training materials produced by the IIPC Training Working Group and the Digital Preservation Coalition (DPC) are available here. This training programme is aimed at practitioners (including new starters), curators, policy makers and managers or those who would like to learn about the following: what web archives are, how they work, how to curate web archive collections, acquire basic skills in capturing web archive content, but also how to plan and implement a web archiving programme. Published under a CC license, the training materials can be fully customised and modified by the users. The materials are complemented by video case studies. Links to other training content as well as materials for researchers using web archives can also be found in the training section of the Awesome Web Archiving list.