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TSS (Technical Speaker Series) Webinars

The IIPC Technical Speaker Series (TSS) facilitates knowledge sharing and fosters conversations and collaborations among IIPC members around web archiving technical work.

Browsertrix Quality Assurance Demonstration, June 13, 2024

As a wrap-up of their IIPC-funded project, Browser-Based Crawling System for All, Tessa Walsh, Henry Wilkinson, and Ilya Kreymer of Webrecorder will demonstrate Browsertrix’s quality assurance process for completed crawls, including generating crawl and replay heuristics with analysis runs and reviewing results in the new review dashboard, as well as lessons they’ve learned and goals for the future.

pywb: IIPC Use Cases Webinar, March 22, 2023

Our members have been gradually transitioning to PYWB and the regular releases published by Webrecorder, have incorporated their feedback. This webinar is a follow-up to the webinar we organised in March 2022 and features presentations from two member institutions that have transitioned to PYWB, Stanford University Libraries (Ed Summers & Laura Wrubel) and the National Library of Sweden (Jonas Linde).

Browser-based Crawling of News Websites Behind Paywalls Webinar, February 17, 2023

László Tóth and Yves Maurer of the National Library of Luxembourg discuss their work crawling news websites behind paywalls using browser-based crawling technologies.

Archiving Twitter, January 12, 2023

This webinar by Matteo Cargnelutti of the Harvard Library Innovation Lab goes over the techniques used by the team for building thread-keeper, the open-source software behind, expanding on what the team has learned capturing and signing archivable documents using cryptographic certificates meant for the web.

pywb Wrap-up Webinar, March 30, 2022

This webinar presents the final phase of the IIPC-funded project “Support for transitioning to PYWB” which was led by Ilya Kreymer and coordinated by the IIPC Tools Development Portfolio. The agenda also includes presentations from two member institutions (NULI & UNT) that have transitioned to PYWB and were closely involved in testing PYWB’s new interface.

RSS (Research Speaker Series) Webinars

The IIPC Research Speaker Series (RSS) focuses on the research use of web archives and features presentations of use cases, collaborative projects and new tools for researchers.

Nordic Web Archives for Researchers: Access, Tools and Services, September 6, 2023

This webinar features Anders Klindt Myrvoll (Royal Danish Library), Jon Carlstedt Tønnessen (National Library of Norway), and Sanna Haukkala and Samuli Sairanen (National Library of Finland) discussing access, tools, and services for researchers for their respective web archives.

Archiving Social Media, January 27, 2023

This presentation features Beatrice Cannelli of the School of Advanced Study (University of London) speaking about social media archiving. The aim is to offer a review of the latest social media archiving initiatives worldwide, highlighting gaps, trends, and ethical concerns surrounding the uneven, current geographical location of social media archiving projects, as well as the risks this unequal distribution may entail. The recording for this webinar is also available publicly on YouTube. 

Game Walkthroughs and Web Archiving, December 14, 2022

This presentation features Travis Reid of Old Dominion University speaking about Game Walkthroughs and Web Archiving. “Game Walkthroughs and Web Archiving” was awarded a grant in the 2021-2022 round of the Discretionary Funding Programme (DFP). The recording for this webinar is also available publicly on YouTube. 

Other Webinars

Metadata for Web Archives, September 27, 2023

In this webinar, Susanne van den Eijkel of KB, National Library of the Netherlands uses their implementation of a new digital preservation system to discuss the meaning and future uses of preservation metadata and how it pertains to collections. Afterward, Skip Kendall from the Harvard University Archives speaks about their approach to web archiving description in Archive-It.

Web Archiving the War in Ukraine, August 31, 2022

The main focus of this webinar is present efforts around archiving Telegram which became one of the most important communication platforms during the war in Ukraine (OPORA survey, June 2022). The leads of the new IIPC collaborative collection “War in Ukraine” also give an update on the results of the first crawl.


Collections, Curation and Patching with Browsertrix Cloud Workshop, December 2023

This workshop, co-organized with Tessa Walsh and Henry Wilksinson of Webrecorder, demonstrates examples of supplementing automated crawls with content archived through and explores Browsertrix’s curation features, combining multiple crawls and uploaded content.

Partner Events

External Advocacy for Web Archives, March 6, 2024

In this online event, the DPC’s Web Archiving and Preservation Working Group and the IIPC’s Training Working Group have invited speakers from three different organizations to discuss the strategies they have developed for engaging with external audiences to raise awareness of their web archives, their successes stories, and tips for other organizations branching out into external advocacy.

Internal Advocacy for Web Archives, November 9, 2022

This online event focuses on techniques for raising awareness of our web archives and consider how to advocate internally for them, looking at organizations that have developed strategies to engage members of staff in different departments and sharing their experiences. This online event is a collaboration between the DPC’s Web Archiving and Preservation Working Group and the IIPC’s Training Working Group.