Training Working Group

Training is a top need and opportunity for IIPC. Exchange of “how to” information is a core purpose of IIPC, and is one of the primary reasons new members join IIPC. Current members have varying approaches to archiving reflecting different institutional mandates, legal contexts, technical infrastructure, etc.), but share a need for various types of training: technical, curatorial, for practitioners and for researchers.

The Training Working Group, chartered in late 2017, is working to fulfill the vision of making IIPC the world leader for training on web archiving to its members, web archivists and technologists engaged in web archiving.

  • The IIPC training curriculum will be crowdsourced by its members, reflecting real life needs from practitioners, and serving as a form of member engagement and contribution.
  • The IIPC training curriculum will be available online under an open (CC) license for asynchronous delivery; it will also be available as a kit for delivery in hands on workshops by “certified” (literally, or figuratively) web archiving instructors for distributed delivery.
  • The curriculum will be continuously updated based on feedback and assessment of the effectiveness of the online and in person events and monitoring of new developments in web archiving.
  • “Train the trainer” sessions will be delivered at IIPC events, and qualified trainers may then offer in person workshops at related events, such as the Society of American Archivists, IFLA, iPRES, etc.

The Training Working Group activities include:


The Training Working Group communicates via  mailing list: To join the mailing list, send email to

IIPC members can also join the #training channel on IIPC Slack.


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