IIPC Training Video Case Studies

The video case studies below were created to complement the training materials produced by the Training Working Group (TWG). They were filmed at the IIPC Web Archiving Conference in Zagreb in June 2019.

Building Web Archiving Skills

Organizational Approaches to Web Archiving

Collaborative Web Archiving

The Evolution and Challenges
of Web Archiving

Web Archiving Collecting Policies

Accessing and Using
Web Archives

Web Archiving Tools and Services

Quality Assurance and Web Archives

Individual interviews

Alex Osborne

Web Archive Technical Lead, National Library of Australia

Jessica Cebra

Metadata Management Librarian,
Stanford Libraries

Mark Phillips

Associate Dean for Digital Libraries, University of North Texas Libraries

Eléonore Alquier

Head of Acquisition and Preservation, French National Audiovisual Institute (INA)

Daniel Gomes

Head of Arquivo.pt, Foundation for Science and Technology (FCCN)

Mar Pérez Morillo

Head of Division of Digital Processes and Services, National Library of Spain

Yves Maurer

Technical Lead, National Library of Luxembourg

Ben Els

Digital Curator,
National Library of Luxembourg

The interview questions were compiled and the interviews carried out by members of the IIPC Training Working Group.