IIPC mailing list

The International Internet Preservation Consortium (IIPC) has established a mailing list for everyone interested in sharing information and experiences about web harvesting issues and associated quality review and archival issues.

The mailing list focusses on curator tools for harvesting web material, using web archives, working with archived material, and accessing harvested material. Topics of interest could include:

  • Harvesting tools and workflows, including NetarchiveSuite, PANDAS, the Web Curator Tool, the Web Archiving Service, Archive-It and others;
  • How to harvest and review blogs and Wikis, particularly the major platforms;
  • How to harvest and review YouTube and other video content;
  • Problems with specific web sites or web pages;
  • Problems with particular file formats; and
  • Guidance on whether to accept or reject a particular harvest.

The IIPC hopes that contributors will provide practical advice and solutions that apply to a wide range of tools and situations.

The list is sponsored by the International Internet Preservation Consortium moderated by IIPC members and is a private list open to anyone who has an interest in web harvesting issues. All interested parties are invited to subscribe and encouraged to participate.

To subscribe, send an email including your own email address to