Organization Type: Government/Research
Country: United States

The Research Library of the Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) has a long-standing history of research and development efforts related to web archiving. Most notably, members of the Prototyping Team have devised the Memento Framework (RFC 7089) and implemented the Time Travel service, a federated search that enables the discovery of archived snapshots in more than 25 web archives simultaneously. The team further developed the Memento for Chrome and Memento for Firefox browser extensions that, based on Memento infrastructure, allow browsing web links back in time. Other related efforts include the Prototyping Team’s development of SiteStory, a transactional archive that can be incorporated with an Apache web server, and the Memento extension for MediaWiki systems. Most recently, the Prototyping Team has developed Memento Tracer, a novel web archiving framework that aims to find a balance between scalability and web archival quality.

In the realm of scholarly communication, team members have been researching and quantifying the detriment of link rot and content drift, both together referred to as “reference rot” in scholarly articles and propose the concept of Robust Links to combat it.