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    Crowdsourcing Workshop & Use Cases

    The web is a social platform, built by people and organizations for people and organizations. Web archives are, to all extent and purposes, no different. Yet the disparity between the number of people involved in developing the web, and the number of people involved in archiving the web, is enormous. This proposal seeks to investigate how crowdsourcing web archiving activities may begin to redress that balance and increase the amount of manpower available to throughout all stages of the web archiving workflow in member institutions.

     A workshop about the frameworks of crowdsourcing projects and web archiving use cases was held at the 2012 GA in Washington. 

    • Session 1 focused on crowdsourcing for cultural heritage (summarizing discussion paper)
    • Session 2 presented a generic model around which to frame discussions (either the generic workflow model developed by IIPC DPWG in 2009 or the digital content & crowdsourcing lifecycle model (Oomen & Aroyo, 2011)
    • Session 3 had breakout groups representing different types of web archive collections, developing, enhancing, adding to or ruling out ideas floated in discussion paper, followed by feedback
    • Session 4 group brainstormed on common issues or themes, barriers to implementation, critical success factors.          

    The following reports were delivered following the workshop: