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    The University of North Texas College of Information is sponsoring a 3-year award to support doctoral studies in its Interdisciplinary Information Science Ph.D. Program. The IIPC Web Archiving Doctoral Support Award is made possible by a grant from the International Internet Preservation Consortium (IIPC). The mission of the IIPC is to acquire, preserve and make accessible knowledge and information from the Internet for future generations everywhere, promoting global exchange and international relations.

    The College of Information is collaborating with two members of the IIPC in providing a high-value, high-impact doctoral experience for the selected student. The overarching goal for this initiative is to build capacity in the academy to train and prepare future researchers and faculty members to address the multifaceted challenges of preserving and using web archives. Two IIPC members - University of North Texas Libraries and the Internet Archive - will provide opportunities for hands-on practice and research to supplement and complement rigorous coursework. The awardee will also be directly engaged in activities of the IIPC. This award was made to a qualified applicant to begin the Ph.D. program in Denton, Texas, in Fall 2012.

    The IIPC Web Archiving Doctoral Support Award includes the following funding, totaling approximately $40,000 per year in financial support:

    * Annual scholarship to offset travel, lodging, and other living costs, as well as expenses related to coursework and study (e.g., books); provided by IIPC.

    * Graduate Academic Tuition Scholarship that will cover all tuition and mandatory fees; provided by the UNT Toulouse School of Graduate Studies and the College of Information.

    * Graduate Research Assistantship providing a salary for 20 hours of work per week, plus health insurance, with assignment to UNT Libraries Digital Projects Unit; provided by the UNT Libraries and the College of Information.

    * Summer internship at the Internet Archive (San Francisco, CA); paid by the Graduate Research Assistantship; provided by the Internet Archive and the College of Information.