Organization Type: Regional Library
Country: Canada
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BAnQ – Web archiving

Start Date: 2012
Archive interface language(s): French/English
Access methods: URL Search, Alphabetic browsing
Harvesting methods: Regional Domain, Selective, Event

In 2012, BAnQ, undertook the selective harvesting of Web sites from Québec. BAnQ targets sites that are representative of Québec-centric activity on the Web. Sites collected can be accessed online or in BAnQ facilities, depending on the authorizations granted by publishers.

The professionals of the Grande Bibliothèque Branch, the National Library Branch and the National Archives branch are responsible for selection, under the coordination of the Legal Deposit and Heritage Collections Preservation Branch.

In general, the sites selected will be in French or English or in a multilingual version if a French version exists.

All types of content are subject to harvesting (video, audio, image, text, etc.), unless the web crawler is unable to collect it.

Currently permission-based for digitals publications since 2001 and for Web sites since 2012. Harvesting began in 2012. Selective crawls of Quebec websites.

Authorization of the editors to disseminate the digital publications and web sites is required.