National Library of the Czech Republic

Organization Type: National Library
Country: Czech Republic
IIPC Contact Email:  webarchiv@nkp.cz

Webarchiv – český webový archiv (Webarchiv – Czech web archive)

Start Date: 2000
Archive interface language(s): Czech, English
Access methods: URL Search, Subject Browsing
Harvesting methods: National Domain, Event, Selective

The National Library of the Czech Republic has been building the archive of the Czech web since 2000. The main aim of the Webarchiv is to implement a comprehensive solution in the field of archiving of the national web, i.e. bohemical online-born documents. That includes tools and methods for collecting, archiving and preserving web resources as well as providing long-term access to them. Both large-scale automated harvesting of the entire national web and selective archiving are being carried out, including thematic „event-based“ collections. Selective harvests are collection of resources with historical, scientific or cultural value manually selected by curators. Collection is accessible online due to contracts with publishers. Access to the selective harvests is provided to anyone online via internet while the rest of the archive is available only to the library patrons onsite from the library building.