National and University Library of Croatia

Organization Type: National Library
Country: Croatia
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Hrvatski arhiv weba (The Croatian Web Archive)

  • Start date: 2004
  • Archive interface languages: Croatian, English
  • Access methods: URL Search, Keyword Search, Advanced Search, Alphabetic Browsing, Subject Browsing
  • Harvesting methods: Selective, National domain, Thematic

The Croatian Web Archive (HAW) is a collection of resources gathered as the result of Web harvesting. The Archive’s mission is to collect, preserve, and make permanently accessible the Croatian web resources as part of Croatia’s national heritage.

Since its beginning up until 2011, the Croatian Web Archive was used for the purposes of the selective harvesting of the Croatian web resources. That year, in order to complete and improve the national collection of archived web resources, the National and University Library in Zagreb decided to annually harvest the Croatian national domain (.hr) as well as to regularly carry out thematic harvesting projects.

The Archive may be publicly accessed on the Internet. Web resources with publisher restrictions may be accessed on-site only by one user at a time.