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  • Preservation Working Group

    About the Preservation Working Group

    The Preservation Working Group (PWG) focus is on policy, practices and resources in support of preserving the content and accessibility of web archives. The PWG aims to understand and report on how approaches used for other kind of digital resources might be used with web archives, as well as the special characteristics of web archives that might require new approaches. It will provide recommendations for additions or enhancements to tools, standards, practice guidelines, and possible further studies/research.

    The Preservation Working Group Mandate

    • Characterize large scale web archives in order to
      • Identify relevant approaches, standards and practices already used for preservation of other digital assets
      • Report on how they might be used with archived web resources and/or
      • Identify the gaps and promote new approaches.
    • Make recommendations for enhancements or additions to tools, standards, practices, guidelines, testing, and possible further studies/research. These recommendations may be intended for IIPC members, other working groups, institutions and members of the digital preservation community, or tools developers / vendors.
    • Design projects related to web archives preservation for IIPC funding to the Steering Committee.
    • Promote recognition of the unique requirements to preserve archived web resources not achieved by other preservation programs for digital assets.

    The PWG will continue in its work until standards and best practices for the preservation of archived web resources are developed and implemented across institutions.  Collaboration is key to the working group's activities, working closely with other IIPC working groups and the community at large.  Members of the PWG are also key member of intiatives such as SCAPE.

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