Organization Type: National Library
Country: Chile

The National Library of Chile joined the IIPC in 2014, the first member organisation from South America.

Archivo de la Web Chilena (Chilean web archive)

Start Date: 2013
Archive interface language(s): Spanish
Access methods: URL Search
Harvesting methods: Selective, Events

The National Library of Chile is the main institution which collects and preserves the nation’s documentary memory, due to its legal mandate given by the 19,773 Chilean Law, which includes all printed, audio or audiovisual and electronic productions of the country.

Since 2008 the National Library has been working in different strategies to collect, preserve and make accessible the electronic newspapers to the community, it includes an electronic deposit policy, a manual of procedure, and the implement of an FTP server to receive the archives.

The early steps on the web archiving at the National Library of Chile, began in late 2013, when a pilot project was developed with a selection of 10 websites corresponding to the presidential campaigns of 9 candidates and a citizen campaign called “Mark your vote”. During 2014 and 2015, the web archiving was extended to electronic newspapers, 23 of the registered media were selected, taking different characteristics (size, scope, content, and platform), giving priority to the regional press from 15 different cities throughout country.

In terms of content, the web archiving project team is working on the definition and publication of a policy of Chilean web archiving which includes criteria for assessing, coordinate and implement the collection, preservation and dissemination of the web, setting parameters for the development according to the strategic guidelines of the institution.