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Country: United States
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Web Archiving Service

The California Digital Library has been involved in web archiving since 2003. As an outcome of the Web-at-Risk project, funded by the Library of Congress as part of its National Digital Information Infrastructure Preservation Program, the CDL developed and operated its Web Archiving Service (WAS) to enable curators at the University of California and other partner institutions to build, preserve, and publish web archives. Since then, CDL-managed archives have grown to more than 80 public collections and 113 TB, with a special topical emphasis on the state of California, but also reflecting a range of other interests, such as institutional web presences, US labor movements, African and Middle Eastern politics, and more. In 2015, the CDL transitioned its WAS customers to the Internet Archive’s Archive-It service. This transition will allow CDL to reallocate its staff towards new added value collection, preservation, and access services that can complement and enhance Archive-It use.