National Library of Estonia

NATIONAL LIBRARY OF ESTONIAOrganization Type: National Library
Country: Estonia
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Eesti Veebiarhiiv (Estonian Web Archive)

Start Date: 2010
Archive interface language(s): Estonian
Access methods: URL Search, Keyword Search, Topical Browsing
Harvesting methods: Bulk, Selective, Event, Thematic

According to Legal Deposit Copy Act National Library of Estonia collects, preserves and provides access to Estonian websites made available on the Estonian domain .ee and elsewhere with content essential to the Estonian culture.

Approaches used for harvesting:

  • Selective crawls of websites chosen according to the collection policy (since 2010), from 2016 daily crawls of national news sites, from 2017 weekly crawls of regional online newspapers;
  • Event/thematic crawls on events of national and international importance and topical matters (since 2010);
  • Bulk harvesting of all identified Estonian websites on annual basis (since 2015).

As of January 2018 the size of the archive was 25 TB.

Due to legal restricitons, public access is provided only to governmental sites and to those with copyright holders permission. On-site access to the whole archive is planned in 2019.

Advisory Board with representitives from memory and research institutions provides advice on choosing the material and making it accessible; the broad-based working group also represents the interests of current and future researchers.