Organization Type: Service Provider
Country: United Kingdom
IIPC Contact Email: contact@hanzoarchives.com

Hanzo provides web archiving products and services to companies whose legal eDiscovery, records management, and compliance requirements demand that their web content be defensibly captured.

The range of web-based ESI is extensive, typically including:

  • Websites, including logged-in accounts, interactive pages, and rich media
  • Public social media like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn
  • Collaborative systems like SharePoint and Wiki’s
  • Private social networks like Chatter, Jive and Yammer

Hanzo provides defensible social media and web archiving solutions for eDiscovery, compliance and corporate heritage:

  • eDiscovery – Defensible native-format eDiscovery solutions for websites and social media, forensically sound, integrated with leading eDiscovery solutions.
  • Compliance – Website and social media archiving for compliance, technology independence, planned retention, and on-demand access.
  • Cultural Heritage – Preservation of modern websites and social media for corporate cultural heritage. Preserve and leverage web and social media investments.

Don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss your requirements.