National Library of The Netherlands

Organization Type: National Library
Country: The Netherlands

Webarchief van Nederland (Web archive of The Netherlands)

Start Date: 2007
Archive interface language(s): Dutch
Access methods: URL Search, Alphabetic Browsing, Full-Text Search
Harvesting methods: Selective

KB as national library is responsible for collecting, cataloguing and archiving publications issued in the Netherlands. More and more publications are exclusively published in digital form, such as for example websites. This digital cultural heritage is under thread of becoming inaccessible in the (near) future. Therefore, KB sees it as its task to collect, archive and provide permanent access to websites.

KB selection of Dutch websites is based on its collection policy (Dutch history, language and culture). The selection focusses on websites containing scientific and cultural content. Another area of interest is innovative websites. A subsequent step will be to extend the by cooperating with other Dutch knowledge institutions.

KB uses a selective approach to web archiving for several reasons:

  • The .nl domain is enormous. KB chooses integrally archiving a selection of websites over partly archiving all websites.
  • KB asks the owner of a website in advance permission for crawling, archiving and presenting a website.