National and University Library of Slovenia

Organization Type: National Library
Country: Slovenia

Spletni arhiv (Webarchive of Slovenia)

Access to Webarchive of Slovenia is public and without restrictions.

  • Start date: 2007
  • Archive interface language: Slovenian
  • Access methods: URL search, Alphabetic browsing, Subject browsing
  • Harvesting methods: Selective, Thematic, National domain

Following the adoption of the latest Legal Deposit Law in 2006, the National and University Library of Slovenia started archiving the Web in 2007 with a mission to collect and preserve Slovenian web heritage. Until 2014 web sites were crawled selectively only. Currently, around 1300 sites are crawled in such a way and occasionally supplemented with shorter thematic crawls. Web sites are crawled with yearly to monthly frequency and in the case of thematic crawls up to once a day. In the years 2014-2015 the national domain .si was crawled for the first time. Web archive of selective and themathic crawls is accessible online to anyone without restrictions. The .si domain crawl is currently accessible to the library employees only.