Organization Type: National Library
Country: Australia
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Start date: 1996
Archive interface language: English
Access methods: URL search, full text keyword and phrase search, advanced search options (including limiting to searching government material, domains, file types and date ranges), curated collection browsing, selected content catalogued
Harvesting methods: selective, whole domain, bulk seed-list government, events

The Australian Web Archive began in 1996 with the PANDORA Archive, a selective web archive program curated in collaboration with other Australian cultural institutions. The NLA first released its custom build web archiving workflow tool, PANDAS, in 2001 to support this collaborative effort. In addition to it selective curated PANDORA Archive, the Australian Web Archive also includes content from Australian (.au) domain harvests (collected in collaboration with the Internet Archive since 2005) which includes data going back to 1996. The NLA also conducts in house bulk harvests, primarily of government material for a program called the Australian Government Web Archive (AGWA). As at the March 2019 the collections of the Australian Web Archive make close to 700 TBs of data or more than 10 billion files. In March 2019 the NLA released a new discovery and delivery interface for the Australian Government Web Archive through its Trove discovery service. This brings together all the content of the PANDORA, AGWA and whole Australian domain collections as a single searchable (URL and text) and fully open access collection.