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Country: Korea
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온라인 디지털지적문화유산의 아카이빙
Online Archiving & Searching Internet Sources

Start Date: 2004
Archive interface language(s): Korean
Access methods:URL Search, Keyword Search, Subject Browsing, Full-Text Search
Harvesting methods: Selective, Bulk, Event, Thematic

National Library of Korea launched Online Archiving & Searching Internet Sources (OASIS) in 2004 to collect and preserve digital intellectual archives for passing down as a cultural heritage for future generations. * Article 22 of the Library Act (collection of online materials)

The collected web resources are transformed as web archives and curated by topics. Our library provides public services through the OASIS website (

Subjects of Collection

  • Korean national domain websites and overseas websites related to Korea (central and local governments, public institutions, educational research institutions, non-profit organizations, culture and arts institutions, commercial and media organizations, etc.)
  • Web materials shared through websites (text, audio and sound, video, image)
  • Major social media such as blogs and Twitter from government ministries, local governments and public organizations
  • Datasets and various forms of web materials

Collection Method

Based on comprehensive collection of all national domain websites in Korea, we selectively collect web resources related to specific topics and issues, including national disasters, major national events, etc.

Through the OASIS, a time capsule containing memories of Korea, you can meet the past and present K-web resources.