Content Development Working Group

The Content Development Working Group (CDG) will pursue collaborative collections based on themes or events which converge with the following criteria:

  • Of high interest to IIPC members (it will be up to content development leaders and group to determine if there are enough people interested or who would like to be involved);

  • Do not map to any one member’s responsibility or mandate;

  • Of higher value to research because it represents more perspectives than similar collections in only one member archive would do;

  • Transnational in scope, but not necessarily “global”

In general, IIPC will aim to collect content from a variety of perspectives when developing its collections. In general, IIPC will aim to include relevant websites from many countries and in many languages when developing its collections. For potentially controversial topics (e.g. political or social conflicts) IIPC will aim to collect content from a variety of perspectives.

IIPC collaborative collections topics may overlap with the existing web archives of individual members, but topic proposals should acknowledge such overlaps and identify the added value created (e.g., public access, more comprehensive, broader perspectives).

Collections may be conceived either as open-ended (continuing to grow at a controlled pace over multiple years), or finite with a pre-specified duration (as with event-based collections). Multiple collections can be developed and maintained simultaneously, rather than solely having one active collection at a time. Due to potential limitations with budget/size of crawls, it is not expected that IIPC could undertake entire top-level domain crawls at this time.

The CDG is chaired by Nicola Bingham (The British Library) and Alex Thurman (Columbia University Libraries).


IIPC's collaborative collections are built using the Archive-It service from the Internet Archive.

 Novel Coronavirus (Covid-19) (2020-)
 Climate Change (2019)
 Artificial Intelligence (2019)
 Online News Around the World (2018)
 Olympics/Paralympics collections (2010-2018)
 European Refugee Crisis (2015-2016)
 World War One Commemoration (2015-2018)
 Intergovernmental Organizations (2015- )