Invited panels

DOCUMENTING COVID-19: Tuesday, 15 June 09:30-10:15

Chair: Ben Els (National Library of Luxembourg) & Olga Holownia (IIPC)

The whole world can’t wait to get rid of Covid-19 - but web archives won’t forget the unfolding of this global pandemic. Events, which have inspired extensive web archiving activities throughout the world, had the beneficial side effect of shining a spotlight on the importance of web archives. The web archiving community has done an incredible job of documenting the Covid-19 pandemic over the past 18 months. Alongside collections, documenting the pandemic within a national domain, the IIPC members have been contributing to the transnational collaborative collection created in partnership with the Internet Archive. The panelists will share their experiences and challenges in their response to the biggest crisis of our lifetimes. With a focus on Asia and Australasia, we will compare perspectives with representatives of the Internet Archive and the IIPC’s collaborative Covid-19 collection.


TRUST IN WEB ARCHIVES: Wednesday, 16 June, 22:00-23:00 CET

Chairs: Yves Maurer (National Library of Luxembourg) & Martin Klein (Los Alamos National Laboratory and the Chair of the WAC Programme Committee)

Is the webpage that you see in a web archive the same as it was on the live Internet some time in the past? Most people would think that this is the case. An untrusted web archive is not helpful and can even be dangerous in the current context of rising disinformation. A trusted one, on the other hand, can help set the record straight, resolve disputes, and provide an accurate window to our past. If web archives should be trusted by the public, they need to earn this trust through a mix of organisational and technical measures and be able to protect themselves from malicious actors. This panel will examine why we should not blindly trust web archives in their current incarnations, what the issues are, and what we can do to mitigate them.