Library of Congress Web Archiving Program

The Library of Congress began archiving web content in 2000. The Library's web archives comprise collections of archived web content selected by subject specialists and covering designated event and thematic topics. Content is selected according to Library of Congress collection policy statements and supplemental guidelines, and the collections are international in scope. The web archives are a part of a continuing effort by the Library to evaluate, select, collect, catalog, provide access to, and preserve digital materials for future generations of researchers. The Library of Congress is a founding member of the IIPC and has been involved in a number of working groups, activities, projects, as well as serving in various leadership roles since the beginning of the consortium. This is the second time the Library has hosted the Web Archiving Conference and General Assembly meetings; the first was in 2012, in person in Washington, D.C.  We're thrilled to be hosting virtually this year! 

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Library of Congress Digital Initiatives

To accomplish its mission to engage, inspire, and inform the Congress and the American people with a universal and enduring source of knowledge and creativity, the  Library of Congress's has adopted a digital-forward strategy that harnesses technology to bridge geographical divides, expand our reach, and enhance our services. Digital technology enables us to sustain and expand services to all users, bridging gaps and strengthening connections. Through our digital initiatives, the Library of Congress is committed to use each interaction as an opportunity to move users along a path from awareness, to discovery, to use, and finally to a connection with the Library through three main goals: throwing open the treasure chest, connecting, and investing in our future.

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The Library of Congress is the world’s largest library, offering access to the creative record of the United States — and extensive materials from around the world — both on-site and online. It is the main research arm of the U.S. Congress and the home of the U.S. Copyright Office. Explore collections, reference services and other programs and plan a visit at; access the official site for U.S. federal legislative information at; and register creative works of authorship at

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