Use of IIPC Collaborative Collection WARC data

By staff of IIPC member institutions

IIPC members can request logins for the IIPC Archive-It account and download WARC data – for research use only (including IIPC-sponsored datathons, training in WARC data-mining, etc.).

By (non-IIPC-member) datathon organizers

Datathon organizers can work with IIPC Senior Program Officer and CDG Co-Chairs to get WARC data samples from IIPC collections for use in events by any participants. Samples should be deleted by organizers and participants after conclusion of event.

By non-IIPC researchers

Outside researchers can sign agreements with IIPC for research use of IIPC collection WARC data.

Agreements will stipulate: data for research use only and no transfer of data to third parties.


In all use of IIPC collaborative web collections, original copyright holders of all material in archived collections retain all copyright.

Any resulting publications or other output (blog posts, presentations, etc.) by any (IIPC or non-IIPC) users of IIPC WARC data should cite the relevant IIPC web collections by name.


Please contact us at data[at] if you are interested in using any data from the IIPC Collaborative Collections, ideally early in the planning process (i.e. before applying for funding contingent on use of the data).