Collaborative collections

IIPC members are collaborating to build public web archive collections based on themes or events that align with the following criteria:

  • of high interest to IIPC members
  • broader than any one member’s responsibility or mandate
  • of higher value to research due to broader perspective provided by multiple institutions
  • transnational in scope.

The project is administered by the IIPC Content Development Group. More information about the project is available on their page.


Street Art (2023- )
War in Ukraine (2022- )
Afghanistan Regime Change (2021) and the International Response (2021-2022)
 Novel Coronavirus (Covid-19) (2020-2023)
 Climate change (2019)
 Artificial Intelligence (2019)
 Online News Around the World (2018)
Olympics/Paralympics collections (2010-2022)
European Refugee Crisis (2015-2016)
 World War One Commemoration (2015-2018)
 Intergovernmental Organizations (2015- )

Use of IIPC Collaborative Collection WARC data