Collaborative collections

IIPC members are collaborating to build public web archive collections based on themes or events that align with the following criteria:

  • of high interest to IIPC members
  • broader than any one member’s responsibility or mandate
  • of higher value to research due to broader perspective provided by multiple institutions
  • transnational in scope.

The project is administered by the IIPC Content Development Group. More information about the project is available on their page.


Afghanistan Regime Change (2021) and the International Response (2021-2022)
 Novel Coronavirus (Covid-19) (2020-)
 Climate change (2019)
 Artificial Intelligence (2019)
 Online News Around the World (2018)
Olympics/Paralympics collections (2010-2022)
European Refugee Crisis (2015-2016)
 World War One Commemoration (2015-2018)
 Intergovernmental Organizations (2015- )

Use of IIPC Collaborative Collection WARC data