Domain crawl report

Status: Past Project


Authors: Michaela Mayr


About the survey

The IIPC Harvesting Practices Survey was developed by National Library Board Singapore in order to understand, analyze and to collate the current Internet archiving processes and experiences amongst IIPC members. The objective was to encourage and support memory institutions everywhere to address archiving and preservation of web resources by providing a benchmark and giving an overview of current web archiving practices.

While the survey aimed to study the current practices on Whole National Domain Crawling, it also included questions on Thematic Crawling practices, and its impact on Whole National Domain Crawling.

The survey was divided into four sections:

  • Part A: Harvesting Project Information
  • Part B: Policy and Appraisal
  • Part C: Implementation and Operational Processes
  • Part D: Thematic Harvesting

The IIPC Harvesting Practices Survey opened to members on April 5, 2010, submissions have been collected by NLB Singapore from April to June, 2010. Due to organizational changes at NLB Singapore the Austrian National Library took on the responsibility for summarizing the survey results in November 2010.