IIPC Training Session: Beginners 8 (Slides)


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Session 8: Making the Case for Web Archiving

Learning Objectives / Motivations

The purpose of this module is to discuss the advocacy process for web archiving in order to gain the necessary support and funding from stakeholders. The presentation includes techniques and resources that may prove useful such as creating an elevator pitch or a business case. This module is followed by a specific session focusing on developing an elevator pitch.

More information can be found on the training homepage.

Learning Objectives / Motivations

Attendees will be able to:
● Describe key methods to use when advocating for web archiving
● Write an elevator pitch

Target Audience

This module is aimed at practitioners who wish to discover how to gain support and funding from stakeholders for setting up a web archiving program and which techniques and resources can be used to this end.

The beginner course in general aims to provide a complete beginner’s level training course in web archiving. There are no prerequisites for understanding beyond a general familiarity with archives, libraries or information management, meaning that the course is suitable for absolute beginners. The course is divided into eight different sessions that each focus on one specific topic. By the end of the course, participants will have learnt why archiving the web is important, what web archives are, what the main concepts and technologies are, who the users are and what their needs are, how to identify risks and benefits, what the main approaches to web archiving are, how to write a web archiving policy and how to make the case for web archiving.

How to Use and Customize These Materials

Several of the training sessions contain discussion questions which can be removed for brevity if needed. Likewise, there are many case study slides which could potentially be removed, or, more likely, changed for examples relevant to the context in which the training is being delivered. The risk management exercise this session contains a scenario based on a community archive, this might also be replaced if something more relevant to your context.

Speaker Notes

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