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    Regional Library

    Biblioteca de Catalunya (Library of Catalonia) No

    IIPC Contact: padicat [at]
    Country: Spain

    Digital Heritage of Catalonia (PADICAT) is a repository destined to collect and preserve the entire...

    Bibliothèque et Archives Nationales du Québec (BANQ) No

    IIPC Contact: archivageweb [at]
    Country: Canada


    National Library

    Biblioteca Nacional de Chile (National Library of Chile) No

    IIPC Contact: roberto.aguirre [at]
    Country: Chile

    The National Library of Chile joined the IIPC in 2014, the first member organisation from South America.

    Biblioteca Nacional de España (National Library of Spain) No

    IIPC Contact: archivoweb [at]
    Country: Spain

    The Spanish Web Archive is maintained by the National Library of Spain with the collaboration of regional libraries. Its purpose is to become the...

    Biblioteka Narodowa (National Library of Poland) No

    IIPC Contact: d.paradowski [at]
    Country: Poland

    Bibliothèque nationale de France (National Library of France) Yes

    IIPC Contact: marie.chouleur [at]
    Country: France

    Since 2006, the BnF shares with INA responsibility for the legal deposit of the French online publications and web material. The BnF web...

    Deutsche Nationalbibliothek (German National Library) No

    IIPC Contact: info-f [at]
    Country: Germany

    Eesti Rahvusraamatukogu (National Library of Estonia) No

    IIPC Contact: nlib [at]
    Country: Estonia

    Ina (Institut National de l'Audiovisuel) No

    IIPC Contact: cmussou [at]
    Country: France

    Since February 2009, Ina has started the focused and selective archiving of audiovisual media related web sites. A core list of about 5000 web...

    Kansalliskirjasto (The National Library of Finland) Yes

    IIPC Contact: kk-iipc [at]
    Country: Finland

    Annually The National Library of Finland collects representative sample of web pages from web servers 1) either having fi- or ax-domain names, 2...

    Koninklijke Bibliotheek (National Library of The Netherlands) No

    IIPC Contact: barbara.sierman [at]
    Country: The Netherlands

    KB as national library is responsible for collecting, cataloguing and archiving publications issued in the Netherlands. More and more...

    Kungl. biblioteket (National Library of Sweden) Yes

    IIPC Contact: allan.arvidson [at]
    Country: Sweden

    The National Library of Sweden started to harvest the web in 1997. One part of the archive consists of bulk harvesting of the Swedish web. The...

    Landsbókasafn Íslands - Háskólabókasafn (National and University Library of Iceland) Yes

    IIPC Contact: kristinn [at]
    Country: Iceland

    The Icelandic Web Archive contains all web sites hosted on the Icelandic domain .is and many web sites hosted elsewhere that are in Icelandic or...

    Library and Archives Canada / Bibliothèque et Archives Canada (Library and Archives Canada) Yes

    IIPC Contact: iipc [at]
    Country: Canada

    The Library and Archives of Canada Act received Royal Assent on April 22, 2004. For the purposes of preservation it allows Library and Archives...

    Library of Congress Yes

    IIPC Contact: webcapture [at]
    Country: United States

    The Library of Congress Web Archives (LCWA) is composed of collections of archived web sites...

    Narodna in Univerzitenta Knjiznca (National and University Library of Slovenia) No

    IIPC Contact: janko.klasinc [at]
    Country: Slovenia

    Access to Webarchive of Slovenia is restricted to library staff at this time.

    • Start date: 2007
    • Archive interface language...

    Národní knihovna Ceské republiky (National Library of the Czech Republic) No

    IIPC Contact: webarchiv [at]
    Country: Czech Republic

    The National Library of the Czech Republic has been building the archive of the Czech web since 2000. It deploys a combination of automated large...

    Nasjonalbiblioteket (The National Library of Norway) Yes

    IIPC Contact: iipc [at]
    Country: Norway

    The Act relating to the Legal deposit of generally available documents, which came into force in 1990, is the National Library`s foundation with...

    National and University Library of Croatia No

    IIPC Contact: haw [at]
    Country: Croatia


    The Croatian Web Archive (HAW) is a collection of resources gathered as the result of Web harvesting. The Archive's mission is...

    National Diet Library, Japan No

    IIPC Contact: m-shiba [at]
    Country: Japan

    Web Archiving Project (WARP) has been archiving websites since 2002. The National Diet Library Law revised in 2009 and coming into force in April...

    National Library Board Singapore No

    IIPC Contact: kenny_chan [at]
    Country: Singapore
    The National Library Board Singapore (NLB) began the web archiving of Singapore-related online websites in 2006, called Web Archive Singapore....

    National Library of Australia Yes

    IIPC Contact: iipc [at]
    Country: Australia

    PANDORA, Australia's Web Archive, is a selective archive with a broad coverage of web materials...

    National Library of Korea No

    IIPC Contact: oasis2005 [at]
    Country: Korea

    Online Archiving & Searching Internet Sources (OASIS) is a project designed to acquire online resources...

    National Library of Latvia No

    IIPC Contact: Liene.Kalneta [at]
    Country: Latvia

    The first Web archiving pilot project of the National Library of Latvia was conducted in 2005. The Archive contains legal deposit copies of...

    National Library of New Zealand No

    IIPC Contact: Web.Archive [at]
    Country: New Zealand

    The New Zealand Web Archive forms part of the Alexander Turnbull Library's collection within the National Library of New Zealand.

    National Library of Scotland No

    IIPC Contact: p.cunnea [at]
    Country: United Kingdom (Royal Library and the State and University Library, Aarhus) Yes

    IIPC Contact: info [at]
    Country: Denmark

    The legal foundation for is the Act on Legal Deposit of Published Material of 22 December 2004. In order to collect the Danish...

    Österreichische Nationalbibliothek (Austrian National Library) No

    IIPC Contact: michaela.mayr [at]
    Country: Austria

    The Austrian legal deposit for online media became operative in March 2009. This amendment to the law is the legal basis for web archiving and...

    Schweizerische Nationalbibliothek (Swiss National Library) No

    IIPC Contact: barbara.signori [at]
    Country: Switzerland

    Web Archive Switzerland is the collection of the Swiss National Library containing websites with a bearing on Switzerland. Web Archive...

    The British Library Yes

    IIPC Contact: jason.webber [at]
    Country: United Kingdom

    The National Library of Israel No

    IIPC Contact: hadar.miller [at]
    Country: Israel

    United States Government Publishing Office No

    IIPC Contact: fdlpwebarchiving [at]
    Country: United States

    Non Profit Foundation or Library

    Bibliotheca Alexandrina No

    IIPC Contact: youssef.eldakar [at]
    Country: Egypt

    The Internet Archive is a complete snapshot of all web pages on every website since 1996. Since the average lifetime of a page on the Internet is...

    Internet Archive Yes

    IIPC Contact: jefferson [at]
    Country: United States

    The Internet Archive is a non-profit organization that is compiling a historic database of Web sites and other digital content. IA's web...

    Internet Memory Foundation No

    IIPC Contact: secretariat [at]
    Country: The Netherlands

    Internet Memory Foundation, a non-profit institution, was established in 2004 in Amsterdam under the name European Archive Foundation, to support...

    National Film Board No

    IIPC Contact: c.ruel [at]
    Country: Canada

    Portuguese Web Archive at FCCN-FCT No

    IIPC Contact: Daniel.Gomes [at]
    Country: Portugal

    FCCN developed and operates the Portuguese Web Archive since 2007. The Portuguese Web Archive holds 1 875 million files archived from 1996 to 2013...


    California Digital Library No

    IIPC Contact: cdl [at]
    Country: United States

    The California Digital Library provides the Web Archiving Service to enable partner institutions to...

    Columbia University Libraries No

    IIPC Contact: wolven [at]
    Country: United States

    The Columbia University Libraries web resources collection program archives selected websites in thematic areas corresponding to the Libraries...

    Harvard Library No

    IIPC Contact: andrea_goethals [at]
    Country: United States

    Harvard's Web Archiving Collection Service (WAX) is part of the Harvard Library's central infrastructure for the capture, management,...

    Old Dominion University Department of Computer Science No

    IIPC Contact: mln [at]
    Country: United States

    Stanford University Libraries No

    IIPC Contact: ntay [at]
    Country: United States

    Stanford University Libraries (SUL) has been engaged in web archiving projects since 2007, focusing on topical collection-building, government...

    University of North Texas Libraries No

    IIPC Contact: cathy.hartman [at]
    Country: United States

    The University of North Texas was one of the first academic institutions in the United States to archive web sites, beginning in 1997 with the...

    Service Provider

    Hanzo Archives Limited No

    IIPC Contact: contact [at]
    Country: United Kingdom
    Hanzo provides web archiving products and services to companies whose legal eDiscovery,...

    Organisation Information Archivierung (OIA) No

    IIPC Contact: valerio.silva [at]
    Country: Germany

    National Archives

    National Archives (U.K.), The No

    IIPC Contact: webarchive [at]
    Country: United Kingdom

    The National Archives' UK Government Web Archive contains central government...